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New Boat Docks

Shoreline Boat Dock is your new boat dock construction specialist.  We have been in business since 2004.  Our years of experience will provide you quality work, whether you need a new boat dock or add on to an existing boat dock. We can even demolish your old dock if it is beyond repair and build you a new, beautiful boat dock.

Boat Lifts

Do you need a boat lift for your dock? You’ve come to the right place. We will install a high quality, easy to operate boat lift in your new or existing boat dock.

Swim Ladders

Sometimes you don’t want to take the boat out or don’t have time to get out on the lake. Let us install a swim ladder on your new or existing boat dock so you can take a quick dip to beat the heat. We install metal swing up and down ladders so when you are done you can swing it up to prevent moss growth that causes the steps to get slippery.

Dock Electrical Inspections

We can do those dock electrical inspections that the corp requires when you renew your boat dock permit. Plus we can take care of any electrical issues or updates you might like to make to your dock.

Solar System Installation

New boat dock installations have to have buried shore power lines which can be almost impossible to do because of the rocky shoreline. Some older docks are grandfathered to allow overhead shore power lines but you sill have the hassel of adjusting the electric power line when you raise or lower your dock. We can install solar systems on your dock that will allow you to turn your boat dock lights on or use your boat lift.

Storage Boxes For Your Boat Dock

Storage boxes on your dock provide convenience and security. You can minimize the amount of stuff you need to haul back and forth by installing one of our storage boxes. We always make our boxes with a padlock latch so all of your possessions can be secured. Bumpers and Rub Rails Bumpers or rub rails will protect your boat from damage. Because of our years of experience we know which type of protection will work best for you specific dock and boat combination. It’s important to take into consideration both of these factors to provide the highest level of protection for your boat.
shoreline boat dock service logo Swim Ladder Installation On Boat Dock Bumpers and Rub Rails Installed To Protect Your Boat

Services Offered

New Dock Construction Boat Lifts Swim Decks Existing Dock Add-Ons Solar Systems Storage Boxes Bumpers and Rub Rails

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