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Picture of boat dock after major repairs caused by allowing boat dock to rest on dry land
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Boat Dock Repair

Shoreline Boat Dock is your boat dock repair specialist.  We have been in business since 2004.  Our years of experience will provide you with the highest quality work, when repairing your dock. We can even demolish your old dock if it is beyond repair and build you a new, beautiful dock. Because of our years of experience we don’t find very many docks that are beyond repair and can generally repair or upgrade any existing dock which will save you money. Dock Repair Boat Lift Repair Solar System Repair Dock Refloats Ramp Wheel Repair Dock Surface Repair Bumper and Rub Rail Reapair Swim Ladder Repair

Ramp Repair For Docks

One of the most common problems that docks on beaver lake have is the tires that allow your ramp to move up and down the shore getting old and going flat. We install a wide no flat wheel system that makes it easy to adjust your dock up or down and will never go flat.

Float Repair

If you have a damaged float on your dock or your dock does not meet the height requirement set by the Corp., we can help. We can replace or add additional floats to your dock to make sure you are Corp compliant.

Boat Lift Repair

There are many types of boat lifts out there and we have worked on all of them. Our years of experience will mean that your lift is repaired right for years of continued use and it will be done fast to minimize any inconvenience to you.
shoreline boat dock service logo Boat ramp wheels that will never go flat and are extra wide for easy adjstments Boat lift repair on Beaver Lake

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